Pedal Commanders System

How do Pedal Commanders work?  Wanna see em in action.  Take a peek at this quick video.  Still have questions drop us a line or give us a call!

Product Details

Grab 'em...

Pedal Commanders grab and hold your effects pedals from the sides of the housing, perfect for big heavy pedals like your wah pedal and the foot controller for your amp. The optional adhesive mounting strip really gives a strong hold on your pedals.  Show up ready to rock with Pedal Commanders.

...and Hold 'em there!!

Pedal Commanders are compatible with all pedals and perfect for your pedal board.  Kepp your pedals where you put them with Pedal Commanders.

Perfectly Paired with Pedal-links

Pedal Commanders and Pedal-links are the ideal way to set up your live rig once and be always be ready to rock.  Show Up, Plug in & Play with Pedal Commanders and Pedal-links


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Pedal Commanders Installation Instructions (png)