Pedal-Links Mounting System


For years guitarists have fumbled with sticky adhesive tape or hook and loop fabric strips only to be disappointed with their guitar effect pedals not staying where they put them. 

Guitarists were forced to setup their signal chain at every gig & practice. There had to be a better way.

Pedalboard Supplies is pleased to offer the only non adhesive based guitar effect pedal mounting system  guaranteed to keep your effects pedals exactly where you put them. Just Show Up, Plug in & Play.

Product Details

A Solution for Everything...

Each Set of Pedal-links mounts up to 4 pedals.  The more sets you buy from us the less they are so stock up!  If you need a bundle with Pedal Commanders we have that as well.  Shop Here...

...and everything in its place

Hook and Loop Fabric sticks to itself great.  Its the adhesive on the back of the strips that gives out after being left in a hot car or after moving pedals around a million times.  Get set up ike a professional today.  Keep your pedals in like new condition to get the most for them on the secondary market!

Are Pedal-links for me?

If you're an active gigging musician that likes to just show up, plug in & play than YES they are for you.  

We hear it all the time, "But I like to try new pedals a lot.  My pedal board is always changing"  

Of course that's the fun of new pedals.  What you might not have realized is that there are pedals that are mainstays on your pedal board, like that Tube Screamer or Phase 90.  Secure those pedals down with Pedal-links and leave a spot open in front of the amp and one in the effects loop to try new stuff.  That's how we do it and it works great!

Download Installation Instructions

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